BUCHAREST, 28-29 OF MAY 2011

Dr. Ken Evans ((D.Psych; P.G. Dip Soc Admin; BSc; Dip G.P.T.I; Dip Scpti; FRSA; FEAIP)

Ken is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and until the Autumn of 2009 was Senior Consultant to the Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute UK. He facilitates Masterclasses for experienced therapists in the UK and in France. He has written several articles and books and is currently co-editor of the European Journal for Qualitative Resarch in Psychotherapy. He is a Visiting Trainer at several European training centres and particularly interested in the interface between spirituality and therapeutic engagement in clinical practice and organisational settings as well as issues connected with Human Rights and Social Responsibility.

He was the Founding President (1996-99), and is the current Registrar of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP). In September 2007 was elected a Fellow of the EAIP.

Ken was President of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) 2002-2008 and President of the European Association for Psychotherapy 1994-95. Ken has been awarded European certification with EAP, EAGT and EAIP.

Currently he is co-author with Linda Finlay of the book: Relational Centred Research for Psychotherapists, to be published by Wiley-Blackwell in September 2009. He has co-authored two books with Maria Gilbert on Psychotherapy Supervision ( now published in 5 languages) and Integrative Psychotherapy ( now due to be published in Croatia and the Czech Republic)

Gina Chiriac is Principal psychologist, psychotherapist, integrative psychotherapy trainer and supervisor, specializing in clinical hypnosis and Eriksonian therapy, trainer certified by the Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and Ministry of Education, Research and Youth. She is a somato-therapy trainer - European school of Socio- somato-therapy France and analyst in integrative psychoanalysis. He worked in therapy groups with trainers from France, Switzerland, England. She is running integrative psychotherapy training groups in Romania. She is the President of the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy (ARPI).

Joanna Hewitt Evans MSc Gestalt Psychotherapy, MA Social Work

Until November 2009 Joanna was an Executive Director at the Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute, UK where she also ran the Gestalt Psychotherapy programme and co-ran the Supervision training course. Since Novemer 2009 she has re-located her full time focus to support the rapid growth and development of Euroips.Formerly a Senior Social Worker with the Family Services Unit in Leicester she now has a private practice in Scarborough and is a Visiting Trainer to several Institutes in Europe, including more recently Slovenia, Croatia and Greece. Together with Ken Evans she co-leads training workshops on therapy with Children and Adolescents both in the UK and Europe.

Joanna holds the European Certificate of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). Over the years Joanna has assimilated components from a range of psychotherapy approaches and was recently (2006) awarded the European Certificate of Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP). Until recently she was External Examiner for an Integrative Training Institute in Ireland and has extensive teaching experience in social work. She is the author of several articles and research publications. Joanna is the Co-Director of Euroips.

Professor Dr. Paul Barber (UKCP; EAGT; BACP; BGS; IDHP)

is visiting professor of the department of work-based learning Middlesex University and Roffey Park Institute associate professor, Ph.D. in facilitating personal development and building learning communities, Surrey University. He teaches at numerous prestigious universities in Europe and is also an external examiner: University of Manchester MSc in Health Studies, University of Kingston, BA in Nursing University of Central Birmingham, Nursing BA, University of Essex, BA Community Studies, University of East London, MA Psychosynthesis, University of Derby, Taught Doctoral Psychotherapy,, London Metropolitan University, MA Gestalt Psychotherapy, Practitioner Doctorate in Psychotherapy, Middlesex University. Makes doctoral supervision, leading to doctorates: Cranfield College, University of Newcastle The Institute of Education University of Wolverhampton, University of Surrey, University of Derby, University of Middlesex and Makes doctoral supervision, leading to doctorates in : Cranfield College, University of Newcastle, The Institute of Education University of Wolverhampton, University of Surrey, University of Derby, University of Middlesex and now at Middlesex University. He is the author of numerous books and is psychotherapy trainer and supervisor in Gestalt Therapy and Integrative Psychotherapy of the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy.

Professor Angela Carr is a member of UKCP registered Psychotherapist and works as a therapist and supervisor, on both an employed and self-employed basis. During the ten years she has worked in the therapeutic field she has gathered proven specialist skills in: occupational/organisational therapy; sexual violence; domestic violence, primary care, and addictions work. Prior to therapeutic training her background was in social work, youth work and homelessness. In addition to clinical and career experience, the ten years she spent as a resident and student in South Africa, enables her to bring a deep understanding of multicultural issues and anti-oppressive practice to her work. She is a trainer and supervisor of the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy, in Gestalt Therapy and Integrative Psychotherapy and the degree in art therapy offers her the possibility to integrate specific elements of this approach to psychotherapy.

Ms. Gabriela Stoltz is a medical principal psychologist, scientific researcher, lecturer, doctor of psychology. She currently works in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Hyperion. She is a scientific secretary and coordinates the circle of psychology and scientific activities with students, coordinates dissertation works and organizes professional practice.

She gained professional skills in medical psychology, pedagogy, child psychology and adolescent psychology, adult and elderly psychology, emotional intelligence, differential psychology, psychopathology, psychological and educational counselling, behavioral disorders, stress and personality. She is a professor at the Hyperion University in the master's program and a supervisor and trainer in: Clinical Psychology, Work Psychology and Educational Psychology. She is a founding member of the national profesional training center in psychology. She is currently a trainer and supervisor in the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy.

Ioan Andronic Associate professor of Department: Medical Psychology, Behaviour Science, Psychology, Nursing, Medical Sociology. With a predominantly practical activity (practicing psychologist at the Laboratory for Health or professor at the Pharmacy University of Craiova) with contributions to research activities. Throughout his activity so far, he has participated with scientific papers focused mainly on development issues, on the behavior and obviously on psychopathology, to scientific symposiums, conferences and congresses, and is the author of numerous books. He has done expert psychological work in psychiatric committees that are held weekly at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Craiova and, as an associate lecturer, he has held classes of General Psychology, Educational Psychology, Psychology of Human Development, Introduction to the theory and practice of psychotherapy and counselling, at the University of Craiova.

Daniel Mercieca trained at the University of Herfordshire (UK) and works as a drama-therapist in Malta. He specializes in work with children, adolescents and families facing emotional and behavioural difficulties especially in out-of-home placements. He coordinates a trans disciplinary therapeutic team that works in the context of out of home care and is also involved in research projects within the same area of interest. He facilitates a number of training workshops at the University of Malta. He is also trained in Applied Systemic Theory and is one of the founder members of the Creative Arts Therapies Society in Malta. He is presently completing training in integrative relational supervision.

Marusa Zaletel is a graduate Psychologist at University of Ljubljana and a Certified Integrative Psychotherapist with the IIPA and EAIP. She is also trained in EMDR. She is working in her private practice in Kranj, Slovenia and is giving workshops for trainees at the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling in Ljubljana. She is preparing to be certified as an Integrative Supervisor. Her main interests are integrating body in psychotherapy and working with introjections.

KARL GREGORY RGN, RMN, Master Consiliere, MCS (acreditat) MBACP

I am an experienced counsellor (qualified in 1996), have an MSc in counselling (University of Bristol) with a 20 year background as a psychiatric nurse (RMN 1982).

I am also experienced as a workshop facilitator working in universities, hospitals, organisational settings and with psychotherapists and counsellors.

I lectured at the University of Bristol from 1998 - 2007 where I co-ordinated a Diploma in Counselling - Organisational Settings. I am a co-facilitator and founder of a Certificate in Supervision run by Palmoasis (South West UK).

I have a private practice as a counsellor, supervisor and as a trainer in voluntary and statutory organizations, especially in the fields of communication skills, stress, mental health and relational aspects of counselling.

I am an integrative counsellor with a focus on relational, existential and systems approaches. My other passions are my family, music and gardening.

Kathy Finkel

Kathy is a UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist working with individuals and couples.

The majority of her work is within private practice.

Kathy also works as a supervisor, facilitates some weekend training and hopes to complete her full training as a trainer next year.

Joanna Kato M.Sc. psychologist, speech therapist, Gestalt psychotherapist, member of EAGT and HAGT, trainee of Gestalt supervision

Master of psychology at Catholic University of Lublin (Poland), Speech Therapy at UMCS University Lublin Poland, Training in Gestalt therapy - Gestalt Foundation Athens - Greece, Training in Supervision - European Centre of Psychotherapeutic Studies

Polish School in Athens (1994 - 2001), Doctors of the World (1997- 2002), Association for cancer patients - training group of volunteers (2005 - 2007), Medical Intervention (NGO) - detention unit for illegal emigrants awaiting for deportation(2006-2011) - currently responsible for the psychologist unit, Centre of adaptation for families of refugees - 2008 - 2011(supervision of personnel and volunteers)

Sally Reader Cojean

I received a Master's in Teaching from Stanford University (California) in 1969 and taught high-school English, creative writing and filmmaking for five years until I went back to train in Psychology to prepare for a Marriage and Family counselling credential, with Goddard College West Coast extension program. Later I created my own company and worked as a trainer and consultant for numerous software companies in the California "silicon valley" until I moved to France in 1989. After working for another five years as a teacher of English in a number of Parisian private business schools, I was hired as an administrator for a study-abroad program (French universities) for 3rd year university students from Duke and Cornell universities in the USA. After another five years, I continued to work part-time as a trainer in communication, teamwork and stress-management for the European Parliament, European Commission and various French government organizations, including the military police (gendarmes). Finally, I stopped all this to focus on my psychotherapy training an practice, in 2002.

Margareta Dinca

She is a Professor Dr. at the University Titu Maiorescu, the Faculty of Psychology. Bucharest, with a Master of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and a master's degree in psychoanalysis.

Principal psychologist in clinical psychology, certified by the College of Psychologists of Romania. Ph.D. in psychology. Trainer-supervisor in clinical psychology. Specialization in integralist therapy.

She has published numerous studies in foreign journals in cross cultural psychology and couple therapy.

She is an affiliate member of professionals associations :

- Present: courses at University - Counseling and Cross-cultural counseling; Clinical Psychology and Psychodiagnostic
- Present: European Association of Personality Psychology (eapp)
- International Test Commission (ITC)
- Present: International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology (IACCP)
- International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)
- Present International Affiliate of the International Institute of School Psychology (IISP) (
- Present: Romanian Association of Psychology